Lilach Mileikowski is an artist based in Melbourne Australia, practicing, and exhibiting Ceramic Art for over 20 years.

Migrating from Israel to Melbourne, in 1995, she completed a Diploma of Arts Ceramics, followed by an Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development, establishing her ceramics studio. In 2016 she completed a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University, her research focusing on the spiritual and political concerns of identity exploring the dual notions of fragility and strength.

Lilach’s work has been selected for prestigious exhibitions in Australia and abroad. These include, The Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award, The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize NSW and The International Ceramic Competition Mino Japan.

Informed by her cultural background Lilach’s practice presents ideas of personal and global significance. Through the manipulation of the form, she challenges the limitations of the medium and its fusion with diverse materials. Her work functions at many levels, creating a space in between, where history becomes fictional and ancient becomes contemporary.